Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kinda headache...GONE

I had a weird dream. It was raining non-stop and it's becoming stronger and stronger until there was an explosive sound. I closed my eyes and DECIDED to wake up upon opening my eyes. Yes, decided talaga. I often do it whenever I my dream gets irritating. Seryoso. Anyway, it was only 6:30 (or 6:40) AM and I'm still sleepy so I closed my eyes again, placed the tape back and went back to sleep. Tss. To be continued ang dream. It's still the non-stop rain outside our home. the sound of the raindrops is deafening as it gets stronger and stronger. The only thing I can hear is that irritating raindrops. Nakakabingi! Nakakairita! Eh di I woke up again. 9AM (or was that 8:30?) My head feels so heavy naman. Ang bigat bigat. Tulog nalang uli. Non-stop rain AGAIN!!!! And the whole house is moisting up this time.. Ayoko na nga! I finally woke up for real at 10AM with a heavy head and KINDA HEADACHE.

Heavy head w/c I call "kinda headache" often happens to me. Sanay na ko coz it disappears din naman after sometime.

But it's already gone a few minutes after I applied this (AS IN!):

Zenutrients Massage Oil

Headaches and nerve pains are part of living with NF and it's not that easy to make that pain go away that's why tuwang tuwang tuwa ako everytime may ma-discover akong solution (Though sanay na ko sa pain coz kirot nalang para sakin yun because I've experienced worse.. Yabang!).

OLEIA Tropical Oil makes my nerve pains go away
Heavy head no more! Off I go to BGC w/ GYA Peeps tonight -_-

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