Friday, April 26, 2013

22 days 'til MAY Birthday Project 2013

Our hands will never be too small for helping those who are in need, as long we have the heart to care.

Our 7th annual gift-giving at PGH tagged as MAY Birthday Project 2013 is going to be in less than a month and we still don't have enough gifts to share yet.

We'll be reaching out to about 200 patients from the 2 Pedia wards, Neurosurgery (Brain & Spine),  Pedia ICU, ear & throat/lungs (ORL), and hopefully Neurology ward as well. We still need a lot of toiletries & toys, including foods and other treats.

Together, let us share our time, effort, and resrouces to give the sick and the needy the hope to live. We're accepting donations 'til May 10 since we'll have to organize & repack the items for the event.

For monetary donations, you may send it to:

BPI Savings Account # 1899 394 7 51
Name: Maria Kathrina L. Yarza

or PayPal email:

If your within Metro Manila, you can have your donations picked right at your doorstep at no cost by 2-Hour Pick Up and Delivery Inc., contact me for details.

Come with u on May 18 - Saturday. Let's reach out, inspire and have fun together. It will be tiring, but it's very fulfilling!

Wear your hEAR, hEARt or any design by Art Ah TACK or any shirt of your choice as long as it's black or white.

"Before the event (MBP2012), a few people told me of their interest to join the event, but they were hesitant because they were coming alone. I encouraged them to come because our purpose for joining the event are all the same. Indeed, many friendships bloomed because of the event. No one went home without gaining a newfound friend."

Let's make this event a success once again. If you wish to be part of MAY Birthday Project this 2013, You may contact my mother Madge Yarza at 0927-2459400 or myself at 0906-3360757 or 0923-5219600.

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