Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goodies for Sale!

Who said delicious baked goodies are expensive? My cousin is selling them this holiday season at a very affordable price.. Yummy talaga! :)

here's her full pricelist:

Fudge Brownies P50/9pc(bite size) P100/18pc.(bite size)
P320/48pc(regular size)
with frosting:
chocolate frosting P55/9pc(bite size) P110/18pc(bite size)
P350/48pc(regular size)
black forest P75/9pc(bite size)
150/18pc(bite size)
P520/48pc (regular size)
cream cheese frosting P85/9pc(bite size)
170/18pc (bite size)
P560/48pc (regular size)
***for small box minimun of 5boxes, for medium minimum of 3 boxes and for big 1box***

fruitcake P200/big 150/medium 40/small

banana loaf P90/big 60/medium 18/small
banana muffins P4/each

brazo de mercedes P200/roll

apple walnut loaf P150/loaf

cinnamon rolls P15 each or P85 box of 6

cookies (butter, peanut butter, crinkles, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin) P80/canister 20 pcs(small) 12 pcs(big)

moulded chocolates P50/ 10 pcs

chocolate P15/each
double chocolate chips P20/each
plain P12/each
black forest cupcake P30/each
(we can also put frosting and toppers)
***minimum of 10 pcs***

cakes flavors:
black forest

round: 6"- 8" - 10"
rectangular: 8x12" - 9x13"
roll:16" - 8"

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