Sunday, August 23, 2009


we went to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban yesterday.. thanks to my mom's friend Tita Melba..

I slept early on Friday night because, tita Melba will pick us up at 5:30am.. i slept around, 10pm.. that's early for me.. Haha!

I had a (fantasy?) dream.. I was sword fighting with villain in the story (this sentence is c/o Maro).. I stabbed him.. then he exploded.. I woke up because I heard the loud explosion. When I opened my eyes, I thought there was an explosion outside.. Then the electricity went off. Brownout. I asked my mom what was that LOUD explosion.. I found out it was the thunder & it's raining hard. I thought there was a war going on outside.. Haha.

Wow I woke up because of the sound of the thunder. SOUND. I wasn't even wearing my cochlear implant.. I don't wear my CI to sleep..

That was around 3am and we thought our trip to Lucban won't pushed through.. But tita Melba called & said she'll pick us up..

It's raining here, but when we reached the south, it's so sunny.. and HOT!

We attended the healing mass, of course it was held by Fr. Joey Faller.. We went inside during the healing (after the mass) and while my mom was positioning me together with other people on wheels. Fr. Joey said: "Kat Kat andito ka" while he was giving a talk.. Kat-Kat.. dalawa ako.. Hehe.

When it was my turn, Fr. Joey introduced me to everyone.. He told them that I gave a testimonial about him on Chances Are.. He said that I believe that miracle don't happen instantly.. And I believe that I'm receiving it little by little.. He asked me to recite my 'I CAN' but I asked my mom to recite it instead. I said I don't memorize it.. But I realized it's just all the things I can't do.. Eng! Di ako prepared eh.. Haha.

I promised Jesus that I'll go up that stairs and say "HI" to Him when I can already walk by myself.. I will.. soon.

My mom, Talitha & Maro left me for a while because they went up that 100-step stair..

And they reached heaven.. este the top pala.. hehe.

I got a new hat.. Though what I really want is plain abaca with flower on the side..

It was hot.. My hat & umbrella were protecting me from the sun.. But the umbrella wasn't big enough to shield my left foot.. So it got sunburned.. with Blister..

more photos here


  1. buti natuloy kahit binaha ata metro last sat. hindi mukhang masaya si maro sa pag akyat, na exercise sya :D

  2. haha. onga eh.. dream come true na nakapunta na rin kme finally sa kamay ni hesus.. ang init lang! super!


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