Monday, February 23, 2009

I CAN -song

I want to do another AVP about me (for something), just a short slideshow of me & my so-called 'moving on'.. I already conceptualized everything I want to put in it.. The only problem is, I don't know what music I should put.. It's the hardest part for me.. Yeah, deciding on what music to put.. So i just set aside the idea and just continued playing Pet Society.. Haha! Maybe I'll just use my 'I Am Kcat video' for the something I'm preparing for.. ;P Then when i checked my mail this morning (or was it already afternoon?), i saw Armin's email with the subject: Song

Hi Ms. Yarza,

I ask myself kung if I CAN write you a song, and I CAN.....Na inspire kasi ako sayo kaya I made you a song, actually ginagawa ko na ito since november pa pero ngayon ko lang natapos... busy kasi yung kaibigan kong guitarista.. ang I know you will here this soon... very clearly.... most of the lyrics came from you... life must go on... di ba and I CAN...he he he

special thanks to

Joel Tangunan for interpreting the song and some help on the arrangement and allan elgar for the guitar part.. and you for your inspiring words...

hanggang sa muli

Mr. Cruise

I Can - by Armin Cruz interpreted by Joel Tangunan

*i'll post the AVP on March 7 or 8.. yes i'll do it.. but I need to do Talitha's AVP first.. ;P

I Can
By Armin C. Cruz

It seems the world moving too fast
I wanted it to slow down, so I could keep up
But that's not possible, And i realized something in my life
I should be the one , to live with the world
and so I did

I cannot do a lot of things
But it doesn’t stop me
Life is tough, your voice is fading... fading
i can't hear you, i can't hear you

But I can but I can
Hear you in my heart
But I can but I can
Feel you in my life
Everything has a reason
Life must go on.....
And I can And I can
I know I can


Who said life is easy
With pain and hardship
Just open your eyes,
In the brightly sky..
Just remember to Smile
I can see you, even though I can't


But I can but I can
See you in my heart
But I can but I can
Feel you in my life
I never questioned
Everything will go on

But I can but I can
Hear you in my heart
But I can but I can
Feel you with your love
You are my reason
And so I live…
You know I can…..

And so I live…

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