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The aMAYzing Birthday Project 2012

When I stepped out of the car, I was really surprised with what I saw! The lobby area overflowed with people who were there to join the event. In our previous gift-giving events, it was convenient to meet up in the lobby area of the hospital and organize everything with the volunteers since we were only a little less than 40 people. This year, since we had filled up the main entrance area, we were directed to the PGH quadrangle and organize everything there nstead. Thanks to my family and friends who are the pioneers of my MAY Birthday Project.  They already know very well what should be done and they assisted the new attendees so well.

The PGH Lobby was full of volunteers
Everything felt surreal. The happiness I felt at that moment was even bigger than the previous gift-giving events that we had done in the past 5 years.

We were not sure anymore how many volunteers came and ‘who was who’, all I knew was that more than 100 people showed up – the 100 pieces of blank name tags that I had prepared was not enough. We had to use whatever blank stickers we had on hand.

We started the event in prayer led by Tita Angie. We prayed for the success of the event.  We prayed for the patients. We prayed for the strength of one another.

100++ volunteers crowding the hallway; all set to care & share. Game.

Ward 11 - Pedia

Ward 9 - Pedia

Ward 6 - Neurosugery

Ward 10 - ORL (Otorhinolaringology)

PICU - Pedia Intensive Care Unit

Not everyone were allowed to go inside & No picture taking - it's alright we were not there for a photo-shoot anyway.

Everyone who took part in the event, be it a volunteer or a donor. They were not necessarily people that I know, but in one way or another, they got involved because they learned about it from someone who I personally know, and together we have given care and we have shared our time, efforts, and whatever we can to give the sick and the needy the hope to live on.

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We were able to get support from a lot of sponsors not only because we asked for their help, but also because when they knew the whole purpose of the event, and they really wanted to take part in it.


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MANILA, Philippines — The month of May is almost over, but the memorable experiences of this month has given me more reason to believe that my life is worth living,  and I owe it to the success of my May Birthday Project each year.
Last May 12, I arrived at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) at past 2 p.m. The volunteers were already there, all prepared. In our previous gift-giving events, we were only a little less than 40 people. But this year,  everything felt surreal. We were not sure anymore how many volunteers came and who was who. All I knew was that more than 100 people showed up!
When we started this event in 2007, we were only less than 28 people consisting of my close friends and family who distributed all the items that I solicited from friends. Each year thereafter, it becomes bigger and bigger – more donors, sponsors and volunteers. All these have materialized with the one reason why we have continuously pursued this project: to share my blessings with strangers.
Volunteers or donors are not necessarily people that I know, but in one way or another, got involved because they learned about it. Together, we have shared our time, effort, and resrouces to give the sick and the needy the hope to live.
Before we started, Tita Angie, our “human megaphone,’’ led all the volunteers praying for the success of the event, for the patients and for strength.  I also gave some words of encouragement, that while there’s life, there is definitely hope. We also interacted with all the patients – learning their stories, giving them words of encouragement, and prayers.
Before the event, a few people told me of their interest to join the event, but they were hesitant because they were coming alone. I encouraged them to come because our purpose for joining the event are all the same. Indeed, many friendships bloomed because of the event. No one went home without gaining a newfound friend.
We’re not doing the gift-giving because we have a lot of money – we don’t; but I am rich in blessings that I call friends. We were not there to shake our hands with them, but to reach out and lend a hand.
With the help of all the sponsors and donors, we were able to do more than the usual. Aside from our usual food, juice, toiletries, loot bags, and toys, we were able to hand them books, candies, puto with cheese, mamon, cookies, shirts, coloring books with crayons, balloons, chocolates, and  personalized eco bags were used instead of what used to be plastic bags.
There were a lot of smiling patients that day because Cebuana-Lhuillier Insurance Solution, together with PJ Lhuillier Inc., brought the Happiest Campaign with us. Even though my friend Jen Arellano is miles away working in the deserts of Doha, Qatar, she did a fundraising campaign in order that the cheerful givers of Doha can take part in the event. One other angel in the desert, Abhie, joined us while here on vacation.  Others who helped were Goldilocks Bakeshop, Isshin Dream Publishing, Cavite Mayors’ League headed by Hon. Strike Revilla, Office of the City of Mandaluyong, Mayor Benhur Abalos, Club Mwah, Pavzel Homemade Cakes and Pastries, Timmy’s Oven, and Touch of Ellahcar, iAcademy.
To everyone who took part in this very successful event, thank you so much. Because of you, we were also able to extend our hands and hearts to the natives of Sierra Madre and the PWD Ministry of our parish, St. Dominic Savio.
The volunteers of MAY Birthday Project 2012. More attendies means more effort, time, dedication and love were shared with the patients.

Thank for you volunteers for sharing your time & love with us:
Mami. Dadi. Talitha. Maro. Janna Lopez. Dong Reyes. Tito Jim Lopez. Camille Loyola. Jenrik Loyola. Tita Angie Tibayan. Paula Tibayan. Nicole Tibayan. Chrisjohn Valenciano. Angelee Sabigan. Daisy Lagunero. Kathreen Banico. Kariz Banico. Kayze Banico. Tita Ate Bel Banico. Kuya Jojo Apin. MJ Estonila. Judy Basmayor. Karren Dela Cruz. Chrissie Roberto. Holyann Roberto. Tita Belle Roberto. Dex Obsequias. Nexi Noka. Cathy Cansino. Moises Cansino. Ate Myles Medina. Kuya Joseph Medina. Ate Lizzie Meriño. Megs Escusa. Celia Reyes. Lhen Batica. Princess Angelique. Sonny Paje. Elizabeth Gamit. Trude Pedrigosa. Joel Bonotan. Bea Ching. Bea Ching's friend. Aileen Lopez. Ate Jiji. Tere Las Piñas. Abhie San Pedro. Daniel Jaime. jane fabrigas. Mark Cruz. Red Pascual. Marc Madriaga. Kimmy Cruz. Ms. Jho Litonjua. Len Arandela. Joanne Crisner. Aileen Magparangalan. Randie Silva. Armin Cruz. Jaime Walter Martinez. Bryce Refuerzo. Kim Camelo. Ninang TJ. Cielito. Cecil Ching. Chiemae Domingo. Tasha Benico. Renz De Garcia. Jenelyn Galvez. Liz Caguimbal. Rachelle Gregorio. Christine Sar Chan. Gianne Tan. Chuy Sta. Rita. Ara Lanorio. Cathy Enteria. Joseph Enteria. Jyrine Enteria. Joseph Enteria. Jeremiah Enteria. Jan Enteria. Jacob Josh Enteria. Nadia. Jayson. Ma'am Liza. Sir George. Ate Jamie Martinez. Laarni Gueta. Ernesto Fabro. Shylack Ramoso. Patrick Tejada. Danica Lacsamana. Primitivo Benitez. Raymond Agustin. Manilyn Calderon. Badz Bautista. Rlando Barroa. Dianne Gangcuanco. Christopher Coranes. Micah Aquino. Dra. Becky Nunez.

Thank you for sharing, caring and donating:
Ms. Marissa Asetre. Fedhz Aquino-Mamaril. Ms. Rina Hizon & family. Joe Morford. Tita Elizabeth Llamera. Tita Fides Mendoza. Mommy Ruby Ricafrente. Liz Angeles Caguimbal. Jenifer Sta Ana Pradez. Sheila Babatid. Vix Parungao. Joanne Gonzales. Jen Arellano. Lizzie Meriño. Emarlyn Ang. Ms. Florence Corvera. Ms. Jean dela Torre. Jaysen de Guzman. Jacqueline Sy. Ate Niña Candelaria. Tito Joey Berroya, Roxanne Cahulogan & iAcademy employees. Jerome Orbista & family. Oliver Chua & Monica Chua. Maria Victoria Ancheta Matutina. Jane Macaslin Panaga. Mary Ann Cho and family. Pocholo Malilin. Jeff Policarpio. Che Melendez. Kuya David Bee. Sir Ferdie Papa. Kathleen Madula. Raymond Bañaga. Mrs. Ramos. Zeny Oba. Tito Ernesto Leones. Tita Myra Gapuz. Adie Asis & family. Ate Dang Dait. Ate Jiji La Piñas. Lola Linda Remigio & family. Raissa Imperio. Tita Nita Siazar. Eric Tayson. Mommycool Leonore Aquino & family. Christine, Mitch & Vanessa of Catherine's Jewels. Ms. Irishshane. Ms. Florence Corvera, Ms. Jean dela Torre, Jaysen de Guzman & Camp Crame. Patrick Cordero

Collected. Repacked.

Thank you for attending "A Birthday Wish" last April 28:
Pallas Athena Austria & Kurt Austria. Ednelyn Arandela. Iris Pulga. Danielle Bautista. Angelita Espinosa. Slyvia C. Fermin. Nida Sta. Maria. Aileen Magparangalan.

A Birthday Wish: A fundraising event by Isshin Dream Publishing

Thank you Ms. Josephine Litonjua for putting up this event & helping us.

Thank you for supporting "A Birthday Wish" & buying a book::
Marlou Sabit. Lani Ann Carag. Windee Co. Helen Extremadura. Arjho Carino. Bogz Catangay. Mark Dave Scott. Carlito Francia. Jack Asonto-Gillego. Grace Jamila-Castro. Sham Ancajas. Jimmy Ramos. Armie Acopiado-Bergado. Omar Norcio. Goldie Gozon Corvera. Vincent Gonzales. Sir Tom Batilo. Sir Tom Batilo II. Irish Serrano. Ross Ian Avino. Edgielyn Arandela. Badz Bautista. Match Yap. Dennis de Guzman. Adrian Albano. Ma'am Jane Chidrome. Ms. Florence Corvera. Ms. Jean dela Torre. Jaysen de Guzman. Darlene Dilig Albaño. Ms. Vivien Driz.

Timmy's Oven, Pavzel Homemade Pastries & Cakes, Touch of Ellahcar

Thank you Ms. Pinky Trinidad Yee & Goldilocks' Bakeshop for for the box-full of fluffy mamon. Thank you Ms. Veronica Mesia of Pavzel Homemade Cakes & Pastries for the yummy cookies you sent. Thank you Mommycool Leonore Aquino for the candy toys I distributed. Thank you Rachelle Gregorio &of Touch of Ellahcar for the white puto with cheese that we distributed to all the patients, I'm looking forward in personally joining your project as well. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. C (Cathy & Moises) of Timmy's Oven for the silkcreen printing, personalized purple chocolates, balloons and chocopops.

Thank you Adie Asis for the coloring book & crayons, I saw a little girl excitedly used  it while lying on her bed.  Thank you Cavite Mayors' Legue, Hon. Strike Revilla & Ma'am Liza for the Jollibee Hamburgers & C2 Ice tea. Thank you Jollibee Taft Branch for the freebies and toys. Thank you Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solution & PJ Lhuillier Inc. Foundation for bringing the Happiest Pinoy Campaign to PGH. Thank you Sir Jonathan Batangan. Thank you Atty. Cesar Vidal for making time and joining us. Thank you Sir Jean Henri for your fast reply when I emailed you my solicitation letter, you replied after a few hours via Mobile with the words: "Let's proceed." Thank you Mayor Benhur Abalos for your showing us your eagerness to help, care & share in this project.

Thank you Ms. Josephine Litonjua for all the help and for making Isshin Dream Publishing a part of the event. Thank you Abhie San Pedro, in spite of your busy vacation itenirary, you were able to join us on the event all the way from Qatar - with 100 Candy loot bags & 100 toys in tow. Thank you Jen Arellano for the fundraising you did and allowing the cheerful givers of Doha, Qatar to take part in this event.

Thank you Fr. Dante Valero, SDB. When we asked about renting the Parish' vehicle (L300), you agreed to lend it with no rental fee, no gas fee and no driver's fee although it was still in the repair shop and seemed impossible to be fixed at once, but you made it possible. Thank you Dra. Becky Nunez for taking care of everything and involving the PWD Ministry of St. Dominic Savio Parish.

Thank you Tito Jun for making the silkscreen template. Thank you Tito Jim for driving us here and there doing errands for the event. Thank you Tita Angie for being our human megaphone, we'll provide a megaphone in the coming gift-giving events. Promise.

Thank you GYA Peeps. Thank you Banix family (Tito Kuya Romy, Tita Ate Bel, Katren, Kariz, Batching), Kuyang kuya Jojo & Jejerome for repacking the loots. Thank you supervisor Janna Momo - for supervising? Thank you teacher Michelle for bluffing me about not joining the event, you can't be absent from the gift-giving because you're the one who's been pushing my wheelchair around the wards since 2007.

Thank you Dadi. Thank you Talitha. Thank you Maro. And most specially, thank you Mami -  all these wouldn’t be possible without you. As in!

Thank you so so so so much to everyone who supported MAY Birthday Project 2012 ...til next yearsssss!

Here are all the pictures from the event:
MAY Birthday 2012 (Official Photos by JCL)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (Yarza Cam1)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (YARZA Cam2)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Nicole)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Len Arandela)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Teacher Myles)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Christine)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Randie)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Jamie Martinez)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Touch of Ellahcar)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Lhen Batica)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Daniel)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Lizzie Meriño)
MAY Birthday Project 2012 (from Chrissie)
MAY Birthday 2012 (from Jiji Olarte)

Also check-out Jen's take on this event at: :)



  1. kahit ilang beses at maraming article na akong nabasa about the MAY Birthday Project 2012, kinikilabutan pa rin ako and teary eyed pa rin sa sobrang saya :)
    super nakakabilib talaga how powerful the hearts that desires one goal - to reach out and extend love and care for others.
    Congratulations for the success! till next year
    God bless us all

    1. Korek! Ang galing galing galing! It took me a while to finish this blog entry kasi tuwing ginagawa ko, kinikilig ako sa tuwa, titignan ko na naman lahat ng pics and everything about this event hanggang sa makalimutan ko ng tapusin to.. haha ;P

  2. congratulations Kcat for a job well done on your aMAYzing birthday project :) this is one of the longest post ever na malamang madali lang natapos kasi galing sa puso mo :)

    until then :)

    1. thanks so much zoan - joanne! madaling gawin pero ang tagal ko bago natapos kasi nakakakilig sa tuwa.. haha. :) thanks talaga for supporting :)

  3. congratulations, Kcat! job well done! + i am glad to be part of it in a little way i can. promise pag bigger na si Jared, join talaga kami as volunteers! Bless your generous heart for reaching out to others who are in need! More May Birthday Projects to come! ^_^

    1. and i'm looking forward to that.. thanks so much mommy vix! :)


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